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Habitat For Humanity Côte d'Ivoire
Abidjan | Cocody 2 Plateaux Les Vallons | (+225) 22 41 97 70
Saturday, 23 October 2021


Program description

Volunteering is a program initiated to enable enterprises, companies whether national or international ones to mobilize funds and volunteers to support social action. The objective of this partnership allows:

- Establishing a lasting partnership with the institutions,
- Strengthening social cohesion within communities,
- Mobilizing funds from partners,
- Improving the living conditions of the vulnerable groups
- Developing HFHCI program,
- Promoting and reinforcing awareness of donors,

With HFHCI, this program promotes Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) for vulnerable people through civic actions (in-kind or in-cash). HFHCI organized in partnership with donors a volunteer day in rural communities, where volunteers are engaged in construction or rehabilitation activities (house, latrine, water ...).

The activities are essentially making bricks, masonry, carpentry, the tree planting and gardening. Several buildings were rehabilitated, including the rehabilitation of the leprosarium Marchoux Center in Bingerville, the rehabilitation of the Social Center of Anyama, the rehabilitation of the EPP Port-Bouet 1, the rehabilitation of the nursery of Yopougon, the rehabilitation of orphanage in Grand-Bassam and construction of houses for the disabled and many more.


Volunteer Day with volunteers from the Lions Club Abidjan Calao.​

- Brick making ,
- Masonry,
- Carpentry,
- Tree Planting,
- Gardening

Construction Day with the employees of the American Embassy and students from high school at the leprosarium American Duquesne Cremona in 2013.​