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Habitat For Humanity Côte d'Ivoire
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Saturday, 23 October 2021


Initiated in 2002, the Program for Vulnerable Groups aims to improve the living conditions of vulnerable social class by assisting and supporting them. This program has two major projects that are:
1. HOPE Project (Housing Orphans and Protected Environment),
2. The disabled project.



The HOPE Project is a project of care and support to orphans and vulnerable children (OVCs) caused by HIV / AIDS. Funded by PEPFAR, the project will conduct basic care activities and access to social housing to OVC and their families in the areas of NZI and IFFOU. These are programs center around food and nutrition support, health, education and development training, psychosocial, sustainable economic strengthening, shelter, care and protection. The HOPE project intervention areas are the departments of Daoukro, M'Bahiakro, Dimbokro and Bongouanou.

The HOPE Project helps to:
1. Strengthen the role of families, communities and social partners as the primary caregivers to OVC,
2. Strengthen care and support to OVC and their families in all intervention sites according to national standards,
3. Strongly involve social partners in the implementation of activities (reference and track cases, exchange meetings with parents of OVC with community centers, monthly meetings with NGOs and consultants, regular supervision of counselors, validation of data ...),
4. . Support the capacity of communities to create protective environments and care,
5. Strengthen the capacity of services / social systems to protect the vulnerable (field trip, acquiring tools, experience sharing ...),
6. Allocate resources to children according to the need arising in the context of HIV /AIDS (Sex,age).


In Cote D’ivoire, according to the Ministry of State, the Ministry of Labor, Solidarity and Social Affairs, there is between 1.500.000 and 2.000.000 people with disabilities. With the proliferation of many diseases related to the proximity of populations with rivers, the central region is the most affected. The area is affected by diseases such as poliomyelitis, cataract, glaucoma, macular degeneration, corneal opacity, diabetic retinopathy, onchocerciasis, trachoma and childhood blindness.

People with disabilities are marginalized, left out against, live in inhumane conditions and sometimes rejected by their families.

Since 2003, the project to improve the living environment of disabled people with the financial support of the Lions Club Hornbill helped build and rehabilitate a little less than two hundred (200) social housing for the disabled in the need. This project contributes significantly to the fight against poverty and restores the dignity of the disabled. The project intervention areas are endemic communities in Central, North and Eastern part of the country. The project beneficiaries are primarily:
1. Blind,
2. Visually impaired,
3. Physical disabilities of the upper and / or lower limb,
4. Lepers,
5. Patients with Buruli ulcer.
Financial partners of the project are the Lions Club Abidjan Hornbill and the International Foundation Lions Club.